Customized E-Newsletter Ad


Get seen in our cool e-newsletter with your own graphic ad for your event or product!


Product Description sends out multiple e-newsletters to its huge audience (over 16,000) a few times per month. In addition, we make sure our e-newsletter list is clean by scanning it regularly and assuring all email addresses are valid. Furthermore, we get our email address from opt-in lists and submissions from our fans. You can have a customized e-newsletter ad that will focus primarily on your event or the message you want to send about your event.

Tips to get the most out of your e-news campaign with

1. Provide a clear, exciting graphic ad without lots of small text on it (people may not be able to read it if there is too much text).

2. Ask people to do something such as register for your event or buy your product

3. Offer a coupon or special for people who see the ad online.

If you choose this marketing option, please email your graphic ad to along with a brief phrase or slogan to go with the ad for inclusion. Ads should be no more than 750×750 in size. Also, note if there is a deadline that must be met for your ad so we can be sure to include it in the correct edition of the e-newsletter.